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Anny Lifestyle


A women's wardrobe ecommerce that delivers latest trends in fashion and provides a well optimized shopping experience for customers with stunning user interface and experience.



An AI image generation website where you can generate your imaginations and print the product into canvas, cups, carpets, frames, etc.



A website of Pokhara University, School of Engineering. Fully dynamic, including features like e-Learning, college news, notices, activities, events, and programs. Fullstack, high scale college website.



A flashcards based learning platform where users can gain some general knowledge information posted by other users in the website.

Todo Web App


A simple todo list application implementing localstorage. Users can create todos, mark them as completed and can delete them.

Meme, Quotes and Jokes


A simple project using fetch api in Javascript that fetches and displays random Jokes, Memes and Motivational Quotes.

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Navigating the Transition: Mastering the Art of Managing Diverse Tech Stacks Across Multiple Projects, From Internship to Expertise

From my early days in React and basic JavaScript, I navigated client projects and mastered Remix, discovering a passion for Laravel. Transitioning from frontend intern to developer, I now seamlessly handle projects in both Remix and Laravel, embodying the dynamic evolution of my web development journey.
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